Next-gen API development

Next-gen API development

According to the Harvard Business Review, historical evidence shows that companies have little to no control over their customer’s experience with their brand.

This is because one can define customer experience as the sum of all of your customer’s emotions, interactions, and unexpected behaviors, and it simply cannot be empirically controlled.

While there may be some truth to the randomness of your customer experience, the advent of accurate speech recognition technologies in recent years is looking to buck the difficulty of the unknown with your customer interactions. Cognitive Insights is looking to give you a comprehensive understanding of the voice of the customer to interact with confidence and transparency, allowing you to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Your customers value customer experience—it has been found that 86 percent of people will pay more for a better experience with a business. With this in mind, it should be your goal fully understand the voice of your customer, and our speech recognition API is the key to helping you provide exceptional service. Here’s how!

Understand each individual customer.

Differentiated value and customer loyalty critically depend on treating each customer interaction on a case-by-case basis. It creates a perceived value to brand that will keep your customers coming back again and again. This approach only makes sense, too—more often than not, each situation from customer to customer is going to be slightly nuanced in how they are handled.

The customer’s voice is imperative to handling situations with ease, and speech recognition is the new norm to obtaining these insights. By having a record of every phone conversation with every customer automatically transcribed and broken down into its valuable parts, you are more readily able to comb these interactions for information that can lead to better experiences for future customers.

Identify keywords that recur in your interactions.

While each customer conversation is inherently unique, there are certain topics that you can more than likely group together. This can include categories such as “customer concern” or “hot lead” that can better equip you to direct service more accurately. By grouping individual conversations into broader topics, you can easily differentiate between what a customer has contacted you for in order to provide a more seamless experience for them.

This is where speech recognition can also play a huge role in deciphering the voice of the customer. Identifying key words and phrases about the intentions of your customer—such as “I wish,” “I want,” and “I need”—you can start to develop a voice strategy to better handle the customer’s desires.

React quickly to your customer’s needs.

At the end of the day, it’s all about a quick conversion for the customer. Whether that be the completion of a sale or resolution of an issue, being able to solve problems quickly is paramount to customer retention and loyalty. The combination of catering to each individual’s needs while identifying recurring events in your conversations with your customers will give you the unparalleled power to creating a unique and unified customer experience.

Transform Customer Experience

Are you ready to tap into the raw power of the voice of the customer? Let Cognitive View show you how speech recognition technology is the key to creating the ultimate customer experience!